Tuition is based on dance hours per week, divided into monthly payments. 


Multiple Dancer Discount for two or more dancers from the same household - 10% off each dancer’s monthly tuition. (Cannot be combined with any other discounts)


10% off total monthly tuition if session is paid up front in full by first day of classes - Monday, August 30th, 2021(cannot be combined with other discounts)

Special adult dancer pricing available.

There will be a Performance Fee of $25 per dancer, to cover choreography, lighting and other tech fees. Costuming fees will be individual for each costume, per class.

*Prices are subject to a 10% - 20% increase over the next three years.

Tap Dancer

Tuition Breakdown


30 Minutes per Week- $25/month


45 Minutes per Week- $35/month


1 Hour per Week- $50/month


1.5 Hours per Week- $75/month


1.75 Hours per Week- $85/month



2.5 Hours per Week- $110/month


2.75 Hours per Week- $120/month


3 Hours per Week- $135/month


3.5 Hours per Week- $155/month

2 Hours per Week- $90/month


4+ Hours per week - $175/month for unlimited classes

Adult Class Pricing


45 min per Week- $20/month


1 Hour per Week- $25/month


1.75 Hours per Week- $45/month


2+ Hours per Week- $50/month