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Rez Dance Snow Policy

In the event of inclement weather, you will be notified via email about any class cancellations no later than an hour before the first classes of the evening start. We will always try to make the call with as much time as possible, and earlier if we can, however, you will always have at least an hour heads up to plan accordingly. We will also post on social media, and all information will be on our website: If you find yourself in the situation where you feel unsafe to drive to classes, please stay safe! If you are unable to make it because of where you live or conditions, just email your teacher as you would for any absence. 


In the scenario where weather progressively gets worse throughout the day, we will still send out emails of cancellations with no less than an hour of notification time for you to prepare. As stated before, if you feel unsafe driving, please stay where you are safe and notify your teacher(s) of any absences!


For our morning classes, we will follow any RCS closure. However for afternoon classes we will take into consideration any change in the weather, and current road conditions. If Rez.Church has decided to close the building, no classes can be held.


Living in Colorado, and having as large of a radius of students and teachers that we do, we ask for grace in the decisions we make in regards to cancellations. Safety is our number one priority when it comes to travel, and we factor in many elements before making a decision. 


In the event of class cancellations, students may take a make-up class of a class for the similar age range or style if they chose. Make-up classes are not mandatory, however they are available if desired. If you are unsure of which class to take as a make-up, email or ask your Lead Teacher and they can guide you on their professional opinion.


All information for snow cancellations will be sent via email, social media and will be posted on